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Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights: What is the Best Spectrum?

February 19 2015

The available spectrum of colors in high powered LED grow lights like the Kind LED K5 series XL1000 is changing the way that commercial and hobbyist growers see their potential. Now that horticultural LED lighting manufacturers like Kind LED grow lights and others are using a broad range of three and five watt diodes to emit the specific LED spectrum that plants require for photosynthesis, yields per watt are way up, easily over 1 gram per watt of dried plant matter. LED spectrum refers to the wavelengths of light emitted by the diodes in the fixture, and use of many different colors of diode balances into the optimal blend of light to imitate the sun during the different stages of growth that a plant grows through from seed to harvest. Compared to traditional lighting methods, LED spectrum is much more accurately tuned to the needs of photosynthesizing chlorophyll, so there is less wasted light than with high-intensity discharge lighting, usually high-pressure sodium. These “old-school” lights are selected because the equipment is low cost, but over time they consume almost double the energy for the same amount of plant canopy coverage. As an additional bonus, using the Kind LED K5 series grow lights, you can actually adjust the LED spectral output to balance the colors of light just as you see fit for your garden.


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