Kind LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights: What's the Big Deal?

February 27 2015

LED Grow Lights have now come to the forefront of indoor gardening. Kind LED grow lights is the pioneer leading the way to the next generation of led grow lights. Due to demand for Led grow lights throughout the US, many indoor gardeners are just now getting to see the benefits of Kind LED grow lights in gardens across the country. Just a few years ago, the level of technology in this field was not able to deliver the yields and performance that growers had come to expect from horticultural lighting. Since the launch of the Kind LED K5 series horticultural lights, the innovative startup from San Francisco has demonstrated results that equal or surpass traditional HPS grow lighting. Yields per watt are up, and the need for cooling equipment is down, because LED grow lights are much more efficient at transforming electricity into light than HID lighting. Traditional grow rooms need elaborate ventilation systems to constantly exhaust hot air, but using Led grow lights denecessitates this HVAC network of ducting and air cooling. This allows growers to build rooms in places where cutting holes in walls may be unsuitable, or where they have height restrictions, as well as places where heat is already exceeding the limits of tolerance of the plants.


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