Kind LED Grow Lights #BeKIND: Your Carbon Footprint - The Benefits of LED Grow Lights

#BeKIND and Cautious of your Grower Carbon Footprint, Long term Benefits of LED Lights

Posted on October 07 2016

#BeKIND and Cautious of your Grower Carbon Footprint, Long term Benefits of LED Lights

There are many well documented energy and power consumption savings with using LED indoor grow lights, but this week the KIND KORNER will address the less talked about benefits of using  LED Indoor Grow Lights and how to #BeKIND and cautious of your carbon footprint and enjoying the long term benefits of using KIND LED indoor grow lights.


WASTE: DE  lighting systems (double ended) such as HPS/Metal Halide/ HID, require you to change out your light bulbs frequently from grow stage to grow stage adding to your additional costs and waste from harvest to harvest.   Not only is this expensive but detrimental to mother nature, as DE light bulbs contain mercury, which is extremely harmful to the environment as well as poses a threat to your personal health as it attacks the central nervous system and can affect your motor skills while growing.


WATER: With Indoor LED Grow Lights, watering can be done with much less frequency than with a standard DE light system as the overall intense heat from the grow lights that increases evaporation can be taken out of the equation,  leaving you with less H20 waste during watering's and a more efficient grow for both yield and quality harvests.


PESTICIDES:  Many studies have recently been released that prove that LED's reduce or can completely eliminate the need for pesticides.  Benefiting workers, who no longer have to be exposed to these toxic substances as well as overall need for less fertilizer.  In addition the #KINDspectrum can be adjusted to help aid the transformation of plant growth reducing the need for plant hormones to do the work.

With all of these great short and long term benefits and reduction of carbon footprint by growing with indoor LED grow lights,  its a surprise not everyone is using them already! Thanks for tuning in and Happy growing for you and for the planet!


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