Kind LED Grow Lights

Kind LED Grow Light – Best Yield

July 10 2017

Kind LED Grow Lights are unique in that they offer a fully customizable 12-band perfect spectrum, including both UV and IR spectra, along with internal timers to program sunrise and sunset.  This allows plants to absorb the same light spectra and timing schedules indoor as they would under the sun, and which increases oil production and delivers the best yield.   

During a recent comparison to the DE Gavita Grow Light, it was concluded that the KIND LED XL1000 with its perfect spectrum had the best yield-- nearly two times as much as Gavita, with 1.4 grams per watt versus 0.84 grams per watt.

With this powerful blend of light spectra, best yields and oil production amounts, and cost savings of roughly $420 per year, KIND Led Grow Lights are the superior choice for LED grow lighting.  


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