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New Kind K5 Series LED Grow Lights Pave Way for Future of Indoor Gardening

August 29 2014

Kind K5 Series Takes Market By Storm

Commercial growers all over the continent are wait listed to purchase the game changing, new Kind K5 series LED grow lights which perform on par with 1000w HPS at 65% of the wattage. Besides the wattage savings, Kind LED lighting needs no cooling equipment and does not overheat the space, so the grow room requires less cooling as well. Factoring in that they never need bulbs changed, the internal ROI on this award-winning LED lighting is less than a year.

For many indoor growers, cooler room temperatures also has a positive effect on the bottom line. Mites thrive in hot conditions, and an 80-degree room temperature can often mean 90+ degrees at the canopy surface. Heat stress at the tops affects the performance of the entire plant. Sadly, at the end of the bloom phase when optimal conditions are more important than at any other time, the tops of the plants are pushed closer to the lights, and both quality and yield suffer because of overheated plant tissue. Kind K5 Series LED grow lighting provides all the light the plant wants and does not overheat the tops or the room as a whole. No more ducting or inline fans to battle the heat—cooler, calmer growing conditions, less equipment to buy and install, and less electricity consumption.

Kind LED K3 lights are 600w HPS equivalent lighting, with high intensity penetration to 48″ from the light. The Kind K5 series is the answer for growers working with 48-60″ monster plants that need full spectrum, high intensity autumn sunlight. Everything that Kind LED sells is covered by a three-year comprehensive warranty, with a 90-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee.

For more information or to pre-order Kind K5 series LED grow lights, call (855) 559-5463 or go to


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