Kind LED Grow Lights Keep Your Grow Room Cool this Summer with the Best LED Grow Lights

Keep Your Grow Room Cool this Summer with Kind LED

Posted on June 24 2016

Keep Your Grow Room Cool this Summer with Kind LED

Kind LED Grow Lights have proven to be the best performing grow light on the market. With the capability to adjust the spectrum, the K5 Kind LED Grow Light gives your plants the exact spectrum they need to thrive. The heat of the summer is upon us and HPS growers are turning to Kind LED to keep their grow rooms at the optimal temperature through the summer months.

The surface temperature on the tops of the leaves on plants that are in an HPS room vs an LED are so vastly different, the temps needed to keep both rooms healthy are also vastly different. In a grow room that is lit by a 600w HPS that has an ambient room temp of 74-76F degrees, leaf surface temps can soar to 92-94F degrees due to the sheer amount of radiant heat put off by the HPS bulb. Take that same ambient room temp of 74-76F degrees and replace the lighting with a K5 XL750, and your surface temps are more in the 80-82F range. Because of this lack of radiant heat, the rate of transpiration that happens in your plants is slowed when growing under LED Lights.

To get the rate of transpiration back up, we suggest increasing your ambient room temps to between 82-84F degrees. The added bonus to this rise in temps, and one of the greatest benefits to an LED room, is that 82F degrees is right about where CO2 starts to assimilate as a gas. That means that any and all CO2 that is augmented into the room will be 100% available and activated for the plants to absorb and process. Just another benefit to growing with Kind LED Grow Lights this summer and all year long.


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