Kind LED Grow Lights Kind LED Grow Lights Increase Terpenes by up to 80%

Kind LED Grow Lights Increase Terpenes by up to 80%

Posted on June 11 2019

Kind LED Grow Lights Increase Terpenes by up to 80%


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With legalization slowly spreading across the nation, cannabis is quickly becoming a commodity, not unlike wine or coffee. Cannabis aficionados can detect subtle scents in their bud the way a wine connoisseur can detect “notes” in their wine, or coffee enthusiasts can tell where their coffee beans came from based on subtle differences in flavor. As cannabis consumers have become more discerning, cannabis producers have had to up their game. A big part of this has been learning to embrace the lesser-known qualities of cannabis, primarily terpenes. Kind LED Grow Lights have been engineering lights to specifically raise the terpene levels for medicinal plants, resulting in an up to 80% increase over other grow lights.

Terpenes are the aromatic oils which naturally occur in many plants and are responsible for creating the distinctive scents we associate with cannabis. While there are many different terpenes, each produces specific scents and medicinal characteristics. When we talk about a particular strain being piney, fruity, or skunky, we are talking about terpenes. Terpenes are also responsible for flavors present in any particular strain. For those who love to use concentrates or herb vaporizers, a higher number of terpenes means a stronger flavor. For many consumers, scent is a strong indicator of quality and potency.

There are many therapeutic benefits to terpenes. It’s well known Linalool, the terpene found in lavender, is responsible for relaxing, sedative effects. Terpenes and cannabinoids work together in what is commonly known as the entourage effect. In fact, research indicates terpenes may contribute to the overall effects of cannabis creating the differences between Indica and Sativa phenotypes.

Many factors contribute to terpene production, but light is a very large part of the equation. While all of the details of terpene production haven’t been discovered, studies suggest that trichomes, the small crystalline hairs covering the outsides of the bud which produce terpenes, are the natural defense mechanism for cannabis plants when it comes to protecting itself from UV energy. Trichome production ramps up significantly when exposed to larger amounts of UV, and thus produces more potent buds.

Kind LED Grow Lights includes UV diodes in their K3 and K5 series LED Grow Lights to stimulate the production of terpenes and produce higher quality, more potent harvests. With the K5 series, the grower has complete control over their spectrum and can experiment with light recipes to increase the terpene content of their buds.

Besides the light spectrum, temperature also plays a key role in terpene production. It’s believed that higher temperatures slowly cook terpenes away. High-Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs radiate considerably more heat than their LED counterparts and are much more likely to slowly burn precious terpenes, altering the scent, flavor, and medicinal effects of the end product. Kind LED Grow Lights run considerably cooler than HPS or MH grow lights, and are the best bet for achieving higher terpene production.

Many US Commercial cannabis facilities have been switching over to Kind LED Grow Lights in order to produce a better smelling, better tasting, more potent product that sets them apart from the competition. Home growers looking to produce the best possible buds for themselves also benefit from grow lights that produce less heat and consume far less energy as the HPS counterparts.


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