Kind LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights Review: Kind LED vs. other similar LED companies

October 27 2013 – Bryan Wolfe

These 3 Watt Kind LED lights will match or outperform any other similar 3 watt setup that is seen often throughout the web, regardless of price or claims, GUARANTEED!

You may notice that a few different 3 Watt LED lights (DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER SINGLE WATT LED LIGHTS) that look very similar to these, and as far as diode wattage is concerned, they are.  What differentiates Kind LED lights is that they have more bandwidths (12), which equals a much fuller and more complete spectrum (crucial when it comes to photosynthesis).

Another major Kind advantage is the use of the revolutionary “secondary optical lens” which penetrates deep into the plant canopy to reach secondary and tertiary levels, thus maximizing yields by creating a higher overall number of viable dense flowering sites.

Kind LED grow lights are the ONLY 3 Watt grow lights that feature a 12 bandwidth full spectrum LED panel, a secondary high intensity optical lens, and 2CM aluminum circuit boards.


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  • Frosty_Nug_Farms: May 23, 2018

    I have been using the k5 series 1000 and 750 panels for just about 2 years now. Yields have not diminished at all and they work excellent. Also don’t have to worry about high temps or high electricity bill.

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