Kind LED Grow Lights

LED vs HPS: LED Grow Lights Run Cooler

December 23 2014 – Bryan Wolfe

Using Kind LED Horticultural LED growing lights to grow plants indoors is a great option for anyone who has ever experienced heat issues in their grow room, or who is currently running air conditioning to cool their rooms every day. Common concerns with heat stem from the use of HID growing lights which can drive temperatures up over 100 degrees fahrenheit. Canopy surface temperatures can also be overheated with the use of HPS growing lights which emit lots of heat, and also lots of infrared light, which only becomes heat after it hits the leaf surface. Kind LED grow lights run at a much cooler operating temperature, and this benefits plant growth rates and lessens the need for expensive cooling systems. Kind LED growing lights deliver higher quality and high yields without overheating your grow room. No air-cooled hoods or inline fans connected to large networks of ducting are needed.



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