Kind LED Grow Lights

Who Makes the Best LED Grow Lights?

May 04 2015

Evolution of the revolution of LED grow lighting has be fast and furious. Now at hydroponic retailers across the country, growers are checking in constantly for updates into the LED light fixtures offered. Who is coming up with the newest designs? Who has the best features in the industry? Who is the most trusted name? Kind LED Grow Lighting is leading the way, with over a thousand stores nationally and internationally representing their product line. Just like the smartphone in your pocket that replaced that flip-phone, purple Kind LED grow lighting is going to make obsolete those hot giant hoods in your basement. 1000w HPS light will go the way of the 56kbs modem that you can still remember the noise from, the dial up sound. In a few years from now, grow rooms across the country and across the world will be lit by combination of diodes colors ranging from 440-760 nanometers in wavelength. If you haven’t yet see the results. The evolution of the revolution of LED grow lighting has been a bumpy ride, with mistakes made along the way by many small companies trying to test the technological dimensions of their own expertise, but just like Thomas Edison’s many patents, it takes many failures to become successful. When Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work,” he was referring to the constant testing that must be run from start to finish on every new design, and in our field, this means putting real plants underneath it, and watching them thrive. There will always be imitators copying the innovations of companies like Kind LED Grow Lights, but there has never yet been a substitution. Kind LED horticultural lighting is now the most successful LED grow lighting company in the United States hydroponic market.


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