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HPS vs LED Grow Lights

Posted on March 11 2015

HPS vs LED Grow Lights
This topic has been brought up numerous times over the recent decade, and we are here to put it to rest. LED vs HPS has been a hot topic for many years due to the fact that hydroponics enthusiasts and commercial hydroponics farmers alike have been waiting for LED technology to catch up to HPS in regard to harvest quality and quantity. Now, Kind LED grow lights have caught up and surpassed the expectations that growers have for their indoor gardens. Use of a dual optical lens and a proprietary 12-band spectral mix of diodes, including Ultraviolet and Infrareds, has brought Kind LED to the attention of the top growers test LED lighting across the country. In the comparisons of LED vs HPS, Result have been amazing. Not only can LED produce the equivalent yields to HPS, but the quality is astounding, and the performance of plants during all stages of growth from seedling to harvest is unmatched. Running at ⅔ of the wattage of HPS and reducing the need for complex networks of ducting to cool each bulb means that overhead costs are dramatically lowered. LED vs HPS comparisons are seeking to know the truth, whether LED has really come all the way to meet the grand vision: high-yielding, high-efficiency growrooms that don’t overheat.


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