Kind LED Grow Lights

Light Foot Print and why it matters.

August 12 2016

Choosing the right light for your grow area is key.

Most people assume that a brighter light means a greater yield. While in most cases this is very true, there is still always the possibility of the light being too powerful for the growing space. To determine the proper light for your growing space you must first determine the size of the area you would like to receive light. The area of light that is projected downward is called the footprint.

Each KIND LED lights has a different footprint to adequately support different size growing spaces. For example, if you have a grow space that is 4ft x 4ft you would not want to use a light with a footprint exceeding that such as our XL1000 with an advertised footprint of 5ft x 5ft. So our suggestion would be to use our XL750 light with an advertised footprint of 4ft x 4ft for a densely populated grow. If you would like to leave yourself some working area you could get away with our K3 Series L600 which has an advertised footprint of 3ft x 4ft.

LEDs do not emit much heat but they are very bright, this can cause bleaching and leaf curl if they get too close to the plant. You always want to make sure the grow space properly fits your light to achieve the greatest yields possible.

If you are using a light with a footprint that exceeds your growing space not only can it be overkill for the situation, its a waste of electricity.  So always be sure to equip your grow room with the right size light to keep your plants happy, healthy and thriving.



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