Kind LED Grow Lights

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Next Generation LED Grow Lights

February 24 2015 – Bryan Wolfe

Kind LED has launched indoor led grow lights to the next level, releasing the leader among the next generation led grow lights. Through exhaustive research and development, Kind LED grow lights is constantly looking at the next generation led grow lights, innovating features that no other horticultural led maker can match. An onboard computer that controls a bank of digital timers is, without a doubt, makes the Kind K5 series XL1000 and XL750 the sweetest of the next generation LED grow lights that a grower can buy. Kind LED grow lights never stop innovating, and is currently working on several styles of next generation LED grow lights that will change the market forever. Through Kind LED grow lights constant drive to stay ahead of the pack, and to always be the leader in the next generation of LED grow lights, they have sustained a brand integrity and quality that sets them apart from all others in the field, demonstrating to the hydroponics industry exactly what it takes to build the next generation of LED grow lights.



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