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Pinkhouses: LED Grow Lights Enter the Greenhouse

January 06 2015

Greenhouses Go Pink: Why Pinkhouses Are the Wave of the Future

The future of indoor farming is beginning to take advantage of highly efficient LED technology. They have traditionally used space as wisely as possible, stacking plants over one another, so the production per square foot is as high as possible. So why not apply this same efficiency to quite possibly the most expensive cost green house growers face? Using less electricity to grow more plants per square foot than traditional lighting is the way of the new school LED farmers. Pinkhouses are basically greenhouses that are utilizing new energy saving LED lights to grow their crops. With this new technology glowing bright in these gardening enclosures, they appear pink to our eyes. Kind LED grow lights are quickly becoming the grow light of choice for those converting to pinkhouses. Kind LED grow lights have a blend of 12 colors and are in fact full-spectrum lights, but our eyes only see the major mix of reds and blues, which appear pink to us, and so the term pinkhouses was born. Driving through the countryside, if there are pinkhouses within sight after dark, you will see it. In abandoned industrial facilities across the country, old warehouse floors are being converted to pinkhouses by high-tech farmers to grow market crops of lettuces, flowers, microgreens, and other cash crops. Growers around the world can get more production from greenhouses now than ever before, and keep production high all winter, by converting them to new pinkhouses. Pink is definitely the new Green.


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