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The Best LED Grow Light Reviewed By LED Grow Light Distributor

April 22 2014 – Bryan Wolfe

Check it out!  Kind LED in the news…

The best LED grow light on the market today was recently reviewed by LED grow light distributor SuperCloset, in an attempt to find the best LED grow light on the market today. KIND LED GROW LIGHTS beat out the other LED grow lights to take the crown as the best led grow light of 2014.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

Three tools were used to conduct the test. The first tool used is the light meter which measures the intensity of light and the amount of lumens or visible light emitted from the LED grow light. The second tool used was the PAR meter. PAR is short for photosynthetic active radiation and it measures how much light is actually absorbed by the plant. The third tool used was the spectrometer which measures the individual spectrum contained within the light. It is important for LED lights to represent the mid 400’s wavelength for vegetative growth and the mid 600’s wavelength for flowering.

The (5) five lights tested were the Lumigrow, the Hydrogrow, UFO, the Procyon, the KIND LED and an high intensity discharge HPS light for a comparative basis.

The light meter was placed in 7 different spots in a 4’x4’ radius around the LED grow light. The PAR meter was placed in 3 different locations around the light. The spectrometer was placed directly below the LED light. The light will be tested at 3 different heights; 12”, 24” and 36”.

All the data was collected over a two day period. All seven data points for the light meter were averaged to generate a total light intensity for each grow light. The three PAR readings were averaged to generate a total PAR score. Intensity combined with PAR and spectrum resulted in the KIND LED taking first honors in the best LED grow light class and the KIND LED even beat out the High Pressure Sodium. To learn more about the KIND LED’s distributed by SuperCloset, go to



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