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UV Lights and Plants: Create a Thriving Indoor Growing Envrionment

August 08 2016 – Bryan Wolfe


One of the biggest benefits of growing indoors is that you can replicate an ideal environment for your plant to thrive in. This way you can control the environment enough to replicate optimal conditions to get the results you desire from your plants. With the help of LED lights you can recreate the spectral intensities provided by the sun in seasons such as spring and fall thus creating an ideal photo period for your crop.

One much underrated element or component of the plants natural environment that is often overlooked by indoor growers is Ultra Violet light. Ultraviolet-A and Ultraviolet-B are beneficial to all plants as it increases the concentration of oil and flavor.

Exposure to UV-A and UV-B at certain Nano-meters (nm) triggers the plants UVR8 receptor in its vegetative stage which is responsible for activating your plants natural shade avoidance response and elongating the stem or making the plant taller.

Exposure to UV-B at 295 nm in the last 2 weeks of flowering for a max of 2 hours each day has shown to initiate an acceptance response from the carotenoids and increase Flavin’s and flavonoids. This response makes the plant more aromatic which brings out more of the distinct flavor of the plant and also makes it more palatable.

Exposure to UV-A and UV-B at a spectral range of 300 nm-315 nm triggers your plants natural defense response which is to release trichomes to form a reflective barrier between the surface and the UV light exposure. This release of trichomes increases the overall essential oil production. If you are growing indoors as a hobby, culinary or medicinal purpose you should definitely consider supplementing your next grow with UV.



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