Kind LED Grow Lights Get Your Winter Grow Set Up with the World’s Best LED Grow Lights

Get Your Winter Grow Set Up Right with the World’s Best LED Grow Lights

Posted on November 17 2014

Get Your Winter Grow Set Up Right with the World’s Best LED Grow Lights
Winter is coming and all across the country, growers are finishing up their outdoor harvests, preparing their indoor spaces for production. In both greenhouses and grow rooms, indoor lighting costs are tremendous, necessitating sustainability measures to stay as profitable as possible. Kind LED has released the best LED grow light that can produce equivalent yields to HPS and is more suited to a closed growing environment than HID lights, because it is not necessary to exhaust heat constantly. A 1000 watt HPS lamp actually runs around 1100 watts, and that’s not including the additional current draw of an inline fan moving air through an air-cooled hood to cool the bulb down. Besides the heat released around the bulb, the infrared light transmitted by the bulb travels through the air, through the glass, and becomes heat when it strikes the surface of the plant canopy. This heat needs to be cooled down as well, which most growers do by pulling it out of the room through a carbon filter and exhausting it out of the room. Because a Kind LED XL1000 runs so much cooler than HPS, it does not need to be cooled down, and won’t drive the temperatures above beneficial levels (they will warm the enclosed space up 5-10 degrees). With this capability of producing enough usable light to power full yields from open-sun plants, growers can build rooms in a matter of minutes. No more octopus of ducting, no cutting holes in walls, and no inline fans humming all night. Just hang the lights up, plug in your CO2 controller, and grow. Your yield per watt will be incredible. Because of all of the reasons stated above, it is no wonder why Kind LED is regarded as the World’s Best LED Grow Light.


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