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Kind LED GH Series Bar Light's Versatility leads the way!

Posted on July 28 2016

The latest and greatest light from Kind LED, the GH Series Bar Light, has already taken the grand prize of HT Magazine’s STASH Award for “Best LED Innovation” of 2016. The STASH Awards honor products with cutting edge technology in the cultivation industry. The Kind LED Bar Light is the ideal lighting to supplement your flowering or vegetative grow space.

With their IP 65 rating, Kind LED bar lights are designed to be used in all indoor and greenhouse supplemental lighting situations, primary lighting situations for average light use plants such as micro-greens, lettuce, and in all primary lighting situations for all types of seedlings or clones. The bar lights are split into two main spectrum categories, Vegetative and Flowering. There are then two sub categories within each of the Veg and Flower lights. These are the A and B versions of each light. The ‘A’ versions offer the main spectra needed for vegetative or flowering growth, or what we like to call the Macro Spectra. The ‘B’ versions offer the more secondary spectrum's needed for vegetative or flowering growth, or Micro Spectra, which include IR and UV diodes.

The Kind LED Bar Lights offer a unique spectrum that will greatly benefit your grow space, whether you are already growing with LED, or are looking to incorporate LED technology. High Times Magazine sets the bar high, thus selecting the GH Series Kind LED Bar light as this year’s sole winner of the "Best LED Innovation" on the market.


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