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KINDspiracy-LED doesn't produce the yield that HPS does?

Posted on September 30 2016

KINDspiracy-KFile #1 LED doesn't produce the yield that HPS does?
In the world of LED grow lights, cheap underwhelming lamps saturate the market. These LED’s affect the general perception of the LED grow light in a very negative way. This is the number one reason why long time growers and even new growers are doubtful of the performance of LED indoor grow lights. 

Thinking of replacing your HPS but worried about your yield? Try looking into an LED light that is designed to penetrate your entire canopy with photons while minimizing any aberration. Usually there is an effect that happens in lights with cheaper optics which causes failure of a lens to focus all colors (of a given spectrum) to the same convergence point (your plants). This issue happens a lot in LED manufacturers using cheaper optics and is the main reason why LED consumers who purchase “LED Grow Lights” say that their yield isn’t there.

The Kind LED K5 series is specifically designed with our own Secondary Optical Lens which is responsible for directing a full 12 band spectrum light to the furthest edge of its footprint. This gives you an overall true footprint. Also built into the K5 series is a Dual Photo Lens which is designed to focus all given colors of the 12-band spectrum at a desired intensity to the same convergence point covered by the Secondary Optical Lens delivering the photons deep into the canopy without any dissipation.


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