Return Merchandise Authorization Form – Kind Led Grow Lights

Return Merchandise Authorization Form

Please complete the form below to ensure your warranty claim can be handled correctly and efficiently.  We want to get you back to growing right away!  Make sure to fill out all sections and upload all images needed for proper processing of your claim.

Please upload the following images:

  • photo of all 4 sides of light (4),
  • photo of top and bottom of light (2).
  • photo of your receipt (1)
  • photo of silver tag on the top of your light (1)
  • photo highlighting the problem area of the light. (1)
You should have 9 photos in total uploaded at once.

*Please Note* These images are utilized to assist in troubleshooting/diagnosing the issue with your product, as well as proof of product condition prior to shipment. In the event that damages do occur during transit, these images will be provided to the 3rd party shipping company in order to facilitate a claim filing. All submitted pictures must clearly show the complete side of the product being shown in that image. 

**Failure to show complete side of product in image will result rejection of your Return Merchandise Request as well as damage claim (if required). 

Store Name
First Name
Last Name
Model Name
Lot Number
Date Purchased
Case Reason
Upload a Files (All Product Pictures)*

File(s) size limit is 20MB.

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