The Next Evolution of Kind LED Grow Lights

The Next Evolution of Kind LED Grow Lights

Kind LED is excited to announce the latest innovation in LED Grow Lights Technology—the brand-new X Series. The successor to our K3 series of fixtures, the new X220, X330, and X420 fixtures combine the tremendous innovations of our flagship X² fixture with a brand-new form factor optimized for the home grower. But we didn’t stop there; we’ve optimized the spectrum even further, made it 38% lighter, and improved light distribution by a staggering 350%.

The newly revised spectrum of our X Series fixtures has changed considerably but is still an extension of Kind’s “Plants First” philosophy. Kind LED has spent thousands of hours testing diodes and spectrums to help growers maximize harvest yield and quality with the latest LED technology available. The X Series is a result of this extensive testing.

The new X Series fixtures have been designed for plants—not spec sheets. While the efficacy of the new X Series is considerably better than our previous iterations of the K3 series, chasing the latest fad has never been our focus. Kind LED is still a “Plants First” company with a “Plants First” spectrum, and despite competitors insisting that efficacy is the most important feature of a grow light, they’re still wrong. The diodes used in most white-light LEDs were not designed for agricultural use—they’re used primarily for use in the home and have been repurposed for agricultural applications because they are abundant and affordable. The true efficiency rating for horticultural lighting is the harvest weight to watts used (grams/watts).

The new X Series features dual dimmers—one for the vegetative period and one for flowering. Adding the IR and UV to the dimmable flowering spectrum will double the life of your fixture and keep your precious plants safe during the vegetative period of growth when IR and UV can stunt early plant development.

The drivers for the new X Series fixtures can be mounted outside of your grow area. When the driver is mounted externally, the fixture is 38% thinner than the previous K3 Series2 models. Externally mounting the driver also reduces the heat output of the X Series by 25%.

All these new innovations add up to a fixture that will not only perform better than any other grow light on the market, with 200% increased PPF and 50% better efficiency, but will last longer as well. Having dedicated dimmable spectrums enables growers to only use the spectrum of light they need for their plant’s particular stage of growth. As IR and UV diodes are generally the first to fail in an LED fixture, only running them when needed will increase the lifespan of your fixture by up to 200%—up to 100,000 hours.

As always, all Kind LED Grow Lights are backed with industry-leading customer support and lifetime grow support.


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