What Sets Kind LED Grow Lights Above the Competition?

In the past few years, the industry has seen a huge surge in popularity of white-light LED fixtures, primarily due to extensive marketing efforts intended to downplay the shortcomings of these fixtures. White-light LED fixtures use readily available white diodes manufactured for countless uses in every imaginable industry.

These diodes include a large amount of green and yellow light—and while these spectrums play a vital role in plant development, the amount produced by white light LED manufacturers far exceeds the amount a plant can actually absorb. In fact, more than 50% of green and yellow light winds up reflected from the plant’s surface. That wasted energy gets turned into heat, raising the temperature of the grow environment. This heat can have a detrimental effect on plants, and forces the grower to invest money in additional cooling equipment and increase their watering schedules.

This is where Kind LED's targeted full spectrum grow lights come into play. We utilize light science to produce only the wavelengths of light that most benefit plant growth while avoiding the wastefulness that plagues the white-light LED market. Kind LED saves growers money while improving their yields, guaranteed.


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