X-Series Instructions

Download Instruction Manual (PDF)

This is a visual guide for attaching the power driver box of the X750 to its light bars.

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We STRONGLY recommend to NOT use a power drill for installing the 8 screws on X Series lights. The screws may become jammed or stuck and damage the light. PLEASE use a standard Philips head screw driver.
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00:24 1. Unfold the X750 light bars and place the light on a flat surface.
00:35 2. Locate the 4 screw holes for the Driver Rails.
00:44 3. Place the Driver Rails with the raised edges outward over the lightbars.
00:55 4. Us the flat head (counter-sunk) screws to attach the Driver Rails to the light bars.
01:10 5. Ensure all 4 screws are snug (hand-tight).
01:23 6. Place the Driver box on the Driver Rails.
01:35 7. Make sure the power connector on the Driver is facing the power connectors on the light bars. This is where to connect the power cable in step 10.
01:50 8. Use the pan head (dome) screws to attach the Driver to the Driver Rails.
02:04 9. Ensure all 4 screws are snug (hand-tight).
02:10 10. Connect the Power Cable to the Driver and light bars.

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