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LED Grow Lights - Everything You Need to Know

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How should you choose your LED grow light? How do LED grow lights compare to HPS grow lights? What's the deal with White Light LED Grow Lights? How should you set up your grow room? How does Kind LED stack up against the competition? Our LED Grow Light educational resources are here to help you with some of these questions. The articles below should help you with everything you need to know. 

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Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights vs Targeted Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Full-Spectrum is a term that has been used in the horticultural lighting industry for years, since the first grow lights entered the market. But what exactly does “full-spectrum” mean? The term full-spectrum was used in the 1960s by photobiologist Dr. John Ott to describe electric light sources that simulate the visible and ultraviolet (UV) spectrum of natural light. Read more.

Efficacy in LED Grow Lights

White-light LED companies have recently taken to claiming that above all, efficacy is the most important feature of a lighting fixture, some going so far as to boast the efficacy of a single diode, not the entire fixture. They claim a fixture’s spectral quality is secondary to efficacy, and warn against companies that claim their spectrum is specifically tuned for the benefit of plants. Read more.

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