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Over 3 lbs. Per Light

The founders of Nickel Creek Cannabis Company were on a mission to maximize yield and quality while minimizing their overhead costs. Facing fierce competition in the rapidly growing Oklahoma cannabis industry, they decided to invest in technology that would give them an edge in their local market. See how the X² has helped NCCC deliver top-shelf products, all while expanding their facility and keeping monthly operational costs even lower than they expected.

The Future of Farm to Table

Grow + Gather is a true innovator in the farm-to-table movement. They’ve delivered a futuristic, hyper-local farm-to-table experience with their innovative vertical indoor garden powered by custom-built Kind LED Grow Lights. You can view their indoor horticultural LED garden and taste


How Zen Medicine Increased THC Over 30%

Zen Medicine recently developed a new cannabis grow space for their commercial operations. With Kind LED’s X² targeted spectrum lights, they were able to take advantage of their vertical real estate due to the thin profile and low heat generation.

Next generation LED technology. Pushes medicinal grows up to 4 lbs per light. Industry-leading custom designed spectrum and control.


X Series

The advancements of the X² brought to your smaller grow space. The X Series grow lights deliver commercial grow results to every size of your home grow.


X Bar Lights

Targeted spectrum vegetative and flower bar lights maximize rapid growth, tighter internodal spacing, and terpene production in a versatile form factor.


“The X² light is amazing…There has been a noticeable improvement in the quality of my plants.”


“ @kindledgrowlights pump out enough PPF to necessitate additional C02 inputs.”


“These ladies are happy, thriving and enjoying life… under @kindledgrowlights!”


Targeted Full Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum (White Light) LED Grow Lights

Why is everyone talking about efficacy?

Recently, there has been a shift in the industry when it comes to what LED manufacturers consider the most important feature of their fixtures. But how important IS efficacy?

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How do you choose the best Grow Light?

When judging a grow light, you can’t point to a single feature as being the most important. There are several factors that influence the viability of a grow light, with the spectrum at the top of the list.

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What KIND of Light is Best For Your Plants?

Full-Spectrum technically means that a light covers all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum helpful to plants. However, the ratio of these wavelengths can differ widely between fixtures.

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