LED Grow Lights

Targeted Full Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum (White Light) LED Grow Lights

Efficacy in LED Grow Lights

Why is everyone talking about efficacy?

Recently, there has been a shift in the industry when it comes to what LED manufacturers consider the most important feature of their fixtures. But how important IS efficacy?

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Efficacy in LED Grow Lights

How do you choose the best Grow Light?

When judging a grow light, you can’t point to a single feature as being the most important. There are several factors that influence the viability of a grow light, with the spectrum at the top of the list.

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Full Spectrum Grow Lights

What KIND of Light is Best For Your Plants?

Full-Spectrum technically means that a light covers all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum helpful to plants. However, the ratio of these wavelengths can differ widely between fixtures.

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Grow Light Educational Resources

Full Spectrum vs Targeted Full Spectrum

Full-Spectrum is a term that has been used in the horticultural lighting industry for years, since the first grow lights entered the market. But what does it mean? The term "full spectrum" was used in the 1960s by Dr. John Ott to describe electric light sources that simulate the visible and ultraviolet (UV) spectrum of natural light.

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LED Cost Savings in Grow Lights

Cost Savings with Kind LED

White-light LED companies have taken to claiming that efficacy is the most important feature of a grow light, some going so far as to boast the efficacy of a single diode. They claim a fixture’s spectral quality is secondary, and warn against companies that claim their spectrum is specifically tuned for the benefit of plants.

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LED vs. HPS: Why you should switch to LED

Deciding on what growing lights to use in your indoor garden is a major decision, with trickle-down effects not only on your potential harvest but the entire operational setup. Today, there are two main types of indoor grow lights to choose from, high-pressure sodium lights (HPS) or light emitting diodes lights (LED).

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