X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light
X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light

X1 Full Spectrum Greenhouse LED Grow Light

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Introducing the X1 Greenhouse LED Grow Light, the ultimate solution for your greenhouse growing needs. With a plant-focused spectrum, you can expect increased yields and superior crop quality. This highly efficient and durable light is designed to withstand the toughest growing conditions in your greenhouse.

The X1 utilizes the latest LED technology, engineered with a singular focus on maximizing crop growth while reducing energy consumption. Our engineers understand what plants need to thrive, which is why we’ve created a spectrum that targets their specific requirements, not just technical specifications.

Grow award-winning crops with ease, season after season, thanks to the X1’s advanced and proven greenhouse growing technology. We’ve adapted this technology to meet the demands of greenhouse growing, ensuring you get the best results, every time. With a commitment to quality and performance, the X1 Greenhouse Light is the ideal choice for serious growers.

Spectrum 2-Channel Dimmable Targeted Greenhouse
Efficacy 2.78μmol/J
PPF 1659.9 μmol/s
Max. Wattage 600w ±5%
Input Voltage 120-277v
Amperage 2.5 amps @ 240v
Lifetime >100,000
Fixture Weight 10 lbs
Fixture Dimensions 46 ⅝” x 4⅝” x 3”
Driver Weight 10 lbs
Driver Dimensions 15⅜” x 6½” x2⅜”
Warranty 5-Year
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Make Every Harvest Your Best

The X1 Greenhouse LED Grow Light is designed with features to
maximize each and every harvest, regardless of the weather.


    Kind LED’s Award-winning spectrum is at the heart of every light we build. Giving your plants only the light they can absorb saves costs and reduces plant stress.


    High PPF within a plant-first spectrum = maximized yields with minimized costs.


    Tough enough to stand up to dew, dust, and other greenhouse blues.


    Optimize your spectrum for any stage of growth with dual channel control.


    Our technicians and growers are on standby, with each purchase you gain lifelong access to our industry-leading grow support.


Are you ready for the ultimate harvest? Get in touch with our commercial team to set up your trial run.

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What makes the X1 the Best Greenhouse light?

When it comes to greenhouse lighting, it's not enough to simply add some rustproofing to an indoor model. That's why we created the X1 – a lighting solution designed specifically to address the unique pain points and challenges faced by greenhouse growers. Unlike other products that rely on guesswork or polling, we drew from our own direct experience in the industry, from the initial blueprint phase all the way through to the packaging stage. By understanding the needs of greenhouse growers and designing a product that meets those needs, the X1 can help improve crop yields and quality. So if you're looking for a lighting solution that's truly tailored to the needs of greenhouse growers, this is it.

Why Do Greenhouses Need Supplementary Light?

The weather can’t be adjusted on cue! If sun and shade could be predictably accounted for, there’d be more farmers and fewer weather reporters. Growing in dust storms, weeks of clouds, and darker winters require extra light to feed your farm–and the X1 is powerful enough to be your primary light source when the sun isn't shining.

With the X1, your days of hoping for sun, waiting for fall, or wishing you had started those seeds a little earlier are done for! The X1 gives you the ability to fine-tune your environment by eliminating low light from cloudy days, and extending your summers.

There’s also the matter of adjusting the LED spectrum for the better! We designed this grow light for the unique needs of a greenhouse–meaning we knew re-replicating the sun wasn’t a necessity. The default ‘bluer’ spectrum on this greenhouse grow light is still redder than the sun’s natural white light–enhancing what nature has to provide instead of just being a weaker repeat.

Controlling the light spectrum and dialing red light in for different stages of plant growth increases yields in four dimensions: Size, Quality, Density, and Quantity! Maximize each harvest with precise two-channel control and deliver the perfect spectrum at the perfect time.

If you’re blending indoor and outdoor elements in your greenhouse, make the Kind X1 part of the equation for a harvest that’s greater than the sum of its parts!

How is Adding a Greenhouse Grow Light Energy Efficient?

Overall, LED grow lights can provide numerous benefits for greenhouse growers, including increased yields, improved plant health, energy efficiency, and cost savings. These benefits make LED grow lights an excellent choice for any greenhouse grower looking to optimize their growing conditions and achieve a higher return on investment.

The X1 Greenhouse Grow Light takes these returns even further by using a targeted full spectrum that reduces heat waste and delivers light in a spectrum your plants will fully utilize. Healthier plants are less susceptible to pest infestation and disease. Because the X1 supports robust health in every aspect of your plants’ development, you’ll see greater pest resistance, disease resistance, and increased yields (both quantity and quality) every harvest. By supplying extra, targeted light, you’re not only saving in costly pathogen/parasite treatment, you’ll see higher germination rates, and giant harvests that more than offset any additional energy cost.

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