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Kind LED Grow Lights vs. White-Light LEDs

Some white-light LED companies have warned against companies which claim to have a “magical growth spectrum” but there is nothing magic about it. This is science, pure and simple.

To mimic the look of natural light, full-spectrum LED grow lights include a large amount of green and yellow light. While these spectrums play a vital role in plant development, they are effective in considerably smaller amounts than red and blue light. The amount produced by white light LED manufacturers far exceeds the amount a plant can actually absorb, and more than 50% of that light winds up reflected from the plant’s surface. That wasted energy, in and of itself, is costing you money in power, but it also gets turned into heat, raising the temperature of the grow environment. This heat can have a detrimental effect on plants, even potentially damaging trichome production, and also forces the grower to invest money in additional cooling equipment and increase their watering schedules.

This is where targeted-spectrum grow lights come into play. Targeted-spectrum grow lights, like the X² from Kind LED Grow Lights, turn to light science to produce only the wavelengths of light that most benefit plant growth while avoiding the wastefulness that plagues the white-light LED market.